Contropinze UnilockUnilock’s practical knowledge of additive thermoplastic materials underlies our 30-year experience in the production of bar feed fingers for single-spindle and multi-spindle lathes. Our solutions allow work on delicate materials in complete confidence, including ground or stainless steel, aluminum, brass, etc., without risk of scratching or seizing. AVAILABLE IN STOCK IN ALL SIZES. RAPID PRODUCTION OF OTHER STANDARD AND SPECIAL TYPES. Unilock collets are COMPATIBLE with every multi spindle lathes


HIGH RESISTANCE TO WEAR The average life is about 5/15 km of bars, depending of pressure generated on them RESISTANCE TO CENTRIFUGAL FORCE The collet has a cylindrical body completely free of longitudinal cuts. This guarantees high resistance to centrifugal force (potential 4000 to 7000 RPM), and so protection from wear RECONDITIONING THE BORE After the full wear of the bore, it is possible to regenerate the collet widening the hole with a drill or a tool REDUCTION OF VIBRATIONS Remarkable absorption of vibrations, due to the thermoplastics’ characteristics